Monday, February 24, 2020

Labor Laws and Unions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Labor Laws and Unions - Essay Example Several obstacles that this organization faces at times hamper its operations. These organizations link with the environment in various ways. Although this organization advocates on members behalf, workers interests occasionally comprise of an environment module (Harcourt & Wood 2). The critical environmental issue affecting the organization is ecological security. There is exposure of workers to multiple toxic chemicals while performing the jobs. The coal miners, for example, face a risk of acquiring lung disease due to inhaling coal dust. Therefore, the organization advocates for stern safety policies primarily for protecting employees from impairment caused by environmental hazards. In order to fix these problems faced by workers, the seniors should withdraw some of the local laws instituted at the work place in order to protect workers rights. There are several measures to minimize litigation in work places. Continuous communication with the employees is a prerequisite (Harcourt & Wood 8). The employees need awareness of daily activities of the organization. This helps to minimize misleading information. They need to be aware of termination dates in order to prevent shocking news pertaining to the loss of jobs. Moreover, employees’ relations need adequate handling, preferably according to their favor. Giving employees a time off is beneficial, as the organization eventually ends up with few aggressive employees, thus minimizing litigation. There are wide ranges of benefits that accrue to an organization after joining a union. Some of the benefits enjoyed by the members include improved wages, advanced health care, and a safe working environment (Harcourt & Wood 9). However, the main reason for joining unions is due to job security. A union contract comprises of extra rights enjoyed only by members. There is protection

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