Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ancient Burials Essay examples -- Cultural Culture Death Essays

Ancient Burials When someone dies in our society we immediately think of ritualistic burial ceremonies, for example a religious service or open casket. Regardless of where you are from or what your cultural background is every culture has its own method and traditions associated with death. Burials dating back to 15,000-27,660 years ago are culturally and symbolically advanced burials. Therefore providing evidence to represent how socially and culturally advanced modern Homo sapiens really were. However there are those individuals including Anthropologists themselves who refute this statement. They do not believe that modern Homo sapiens that date back this far can possibly be as socially and culturally advanced as I believe them to be. These individuals believe that the evidence and examples including the articles of, The Triple Burial of Dolni Vestonice and The Cap Blanc Lady are in fact accidents and coincidences. A radiocarbon date has been labeled to â€Å"The Triple Burial of Dolni Vestonice† to 27,660 years ago, during the Upper Paleolithic era. This specific burial site was excavated in Moscow, Russia in 1986. The gracile skeletons found here were of three ancient people. All three lay side by side. In the middle was the oldest of the three and this skeleton appears to be a woman, due to the analysis of her pelvic region. The entire right side of the woman’s body was not fully developed and her skull shape was asymmetrical. Therefore giving Anthropologists insinuation that she must have had scoliosis due to her deformations. To the left of the woman lies a robust (17 year old boy) with his hand atop of hers. And to the right of the woman lies another robust skeleton (18 or 19 year old boy) with both of his arms touchi... ...n 1911, many anthropologists thought the adult skeleton was a 25 year old male. This proves that anthropologists can be wrong within their predictions. Experiments must be tested several times in order for dates to be accurate. Likewise, in reference to the theories of symbolic burials and the advanced culture of these ancient peoples. Theories may be attested, although we do obtain clear evidence that these burials are not accidents. As I have shown you through two pieces of well studied excavated sites. The Triple Burial of Dolni Vestonice and The Cap Blanc Lady are not accidents and coincidences. Burials that date back to 15,000-27,600 years ago are in fact culturally and symbolically advanced for there time. It’s up to you to formulate your own opinion on this subject matter. Just remember to remind yourself of the questions and the evidence I have provided.

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