Friday, September 27, 2019

Hillingdon Electricals Ltd Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Hillingdon Electricals Ltd - Coursework Example Moreover, building strong relationship with its business partners along with enhancing its reputation has also facilitated HEL to obtain significant values within its operating areas. However, since the last two years, HEL has been experiencing a significant decline of its market shares due to the rising competition in the respective business industry along with instability of the global economy. The consequences of significant losses incurred in the market share, resulted to an increase in the target set for its retail stores through the implementation of higher pricing strategy for its wide range of households and electronic products. Moreover, the company has also been identified to implement higher promotional activities in order to refurbish the annual sales of its retail stores. The strategy of changing business policies or regulations was highly motivated the organisation to cope with the potential challenges caused by the market competition and economic instabilities. Corresp ondingly, the case scenario of HEL demonstrates three major scenarios regarding the difficulties faced by the organisation with respect to the legal regulations and policies. The company has conducted a wide range of advertising programs through different media to publicise its newly developed pricing structure for the products offered by its retail outlets. According to the advertisement results, it has been observed that the newly built pricing structure has incorporated numerous issues associated with the price of each individual product that are significantly cheaper than other marketers. In this regard, the following discussion of the study includes a brief demonstration of each scenario and justifies effective legal policies for the organisation to evade its potential challenges. Scenario A - Tony and Ursula In relation to the issues observed in the case scenario, indicating to the challenges faced by Tony and Ursula, an error as recognised associated with the pricing strategy of the products offered by each individual store of HEL to be the base point of the conflicts witnessed by HEL. In this context, Tony, a customer of the retail store of HEL had accepted the offer made by the company and purchased an iPad from the company’s online website in a price that was published by the organisation through its advertisements. However, the company claimed that advertised price was erroneous due to a manual mistake and that the actual price of the product was much higher. Although, the retail store had also offered different promotional offers to uphold itsgoodwill, Tony refused to pay the actual market price of the product and bargained the product at the advertised price. In the similar context, another customer Ursula had also faced similar issue during the purchase of product Tablet from the retail store, which was similarly advertised at a cheap price as compared to its market price. Subsequently, HEL made a repeat offer to Ursula at a discounted by a higher price of the product, who further denied paying the actual amount against the product to the store. In relation to the brief synopsis of the scenario of Tony and Ursula, it can be apparently stated that the pricing structure of the products developed by HEL is associated

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