Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Software Tools for Qualitative Research Assignment

Software Tools for Qualitative Research - Assignment Example The latest version is the NVivo 10 designed to interact with social media platforms (Bazeley & Jackson, 2013). NVivo is able to preserve styles in their original documents forms including documents in non-English language. NVivo has containers called nodes, which can be assigned demographic data or attributes of features (Bazeley & Jackson, 2013). According to Bazeley & Jackson (2013), the nodes can further be rearranged in hierarchies, or be merged with similar nodes to form a single node for general representation. The occurrence of multiple sources which share common characteristics can also be grouped together to form various distinct classifications (Bazeley & Jackson, 2013). Schà ¶nfelder (2011) wrote that demographic information such as gender and age can be easily imported from external sources in form of text file or spreadsheet formats. NVivo10 further integrates automatic connection to face book, twitter, and LinkedIn datasets for the purposes of patterning data (Bazeley & Jackson, 2013). Bazeley & Jackson (2013) further added that, the package also has querying tool, which can be used to interrogate qualitative data to test theories or generate new information. With NVivo10, one can run dynamic modelling system to represent a project in real time or capture the project at a specified point in time using the static model (Flick, 2009). MAXQDA was developed from winMAX software tool, which had been designed in late 80s (Schà ¶nfelder, 2011). With MAXQDA, one is able to create and import texts in rich text format (Schà ¶nfelder, 2011). Referring to Flick (2009), MAXQDA software tool is able to extract text document from the internet by just dragging the documents from the websites and dropping them on the programs interface. Most objects and documents can also be imported in the form of embedded objects of the file

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