Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Applying MBTI to understand and resolve conflict Essay

Applying MBTI to understand and resolve conflict - Essay Example At the beginning of the project there were people who believed that we should have started the project then analysed it later depending on the outcome of our first trial. They proposed that if anything turned out wrong after the first trial, we could come up with ways to improve it in a second trial. There were others who wanted to brainstorm about the best way to go about the project before attempting to carry on with it. The project needed to be done in two shifts: night and day shift. Work was always being assigned randomly without due regard to the workers’ preferences, personalities and abilities. It was assumed by management that those who had lower abilities would catch up with their peers with time and had to be pushed towards greater performance and under tight supervision. The employees were not comfortable with the way duties and shifts were being assigned by the management. As a result of this many of the employees were arriving late or even completely failing to show up for work. On the other hand, others were performing their duties poorly due to lack of interest, low morale taking its toll on most workers. Instead of analyzing the situation as it was and listening to the employees, the management opted to fire some employees believing that this would be an example to other employees. The situation improved slightly owing to the fact that many employees did not want to lose their jobs. However, productivity remained low as the employees only exerted effort in the presence of their supervisors. In their absence, work was performed sluggishly unless it was going to earn the employee more cash during overtime. This presented a situation that demanded critical thinking. As the group leader I had to come up with a solution that everyone in the team was comfortable with. However, this was not a simple task especially after taking into account the fact that people had varying problems, sometimes

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