Monday, October 7, 2019

Conflict Resolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Conflict Resolution - Essay Example On the other hand, if conflict lacks effective and timely management, it can prevent a nurses’ ability to ensure quality client care and escalate into violence and abuse (Pines et al., 2012). The essay discusses conflict as a hindrance management and one of the greatest challenges to quality health care provision. Conflict is an inherent component of nursing even though the professional code does not articulate for accepting abuse. Conflict can compromise professionalism among nurses if it escalates to great levels. Nurses must knowledge the variety of ways in which conflict can emanate among them and should be prepared to prevent and manage it in the workplace. Positive conflicts are instances involving contrasting viewpoints that leave the parties involved with useful lessons and wiser than they were before. The first positive aspect of conflict is provision of an outlet that strengthens an intergroup unity. In the nursing profession, working involves agglomeration with other professionals to form a group. A conflict that creates togetherness and unity to such a group to work together in order to realize a particular goal is positive conflict. Group members discuss and manage their interests for improving their wellbeing. Secondly, conflict discourages premature decision making in a team, on the other hand, amongst members of a staff giving participants an opportunity to explore concern and interests at stake. Nurse A had a misunderstanding with her colleague, nurse B; their conflict got a lasting resolution through a series of negotiations that left both the parties happy and contented. After the resolution, the two parties settled and added more energy in order to realize the agreed upon goals. The result was an increase in the general output and productivity. The other aspect of conflict is a negative one. Negative conflicts may have diverse harmful implications. Some of the adverse outcomes have far-reaching consequences on nurses’

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