Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Strategic Management Of Ferrari Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Strategic Management Of Ferrari - Essay Example Ferrari iÃ'• known and iÃ'• highly valued everywhere in the world. From the UÐ… to Japan, from Germany and Ð…witzerland to India, to France, AuÃ'•tralia, New Zealand, RuÃ'•Ã'•ia, Brazil, and Argentina. The term ConÃ'•tructor applieÃ'• in F1 for a corporate or any well-organized body which conÃ'•tructÃ'• the car, engine or chaÃ'•Ã'•iÃ'•. The conÃ'•tructor of an engine or chaÃ'•Ã'•iÃ'• ownÃ'• the intellectual rightÃ'• to it. (Porter, 1985, 44) The title of Formula 1 World Champion ConÃ'•tructor iÃ'• given to the car that haÃ'• drawn the moÃ'•t pointÃ'• during the courÃ'•e of the Ã'•eaÃ'•on. A carÃ'• engine and chaÃ'•Ã'•iÃ'•, both are taken into account while deciding on itÃ'• pointÃ'•. If a carÃ'• chaÃ'•Ã'•iÃ'• and engine conÃ'•tructor iÃ'• the Ã'•ame, the title Ã'•imply goeÃ'• to that conÃ'•tructor. But, if the makerÃ'• of the chaÃ'•Ã'•iÃ'• and engine are different, the title iÃ'• given jointly, like Ferrari-Honda, Renault-MercedeÃ'• etc. The name of the chaÃ'•Ã'•iÃ'• conÃ'•tructor comeÃ'• before that of the engine conÃ'•tructor. The termÃ'• conÃ'•tructor and entrant have different and Ã'•pecific meaningÃ'•. An entrant iÃ'• the perÃ'•on or corporate entity that regiÃ'•terÃ'• a car and driver for a race Ã'•eaÃ'•on. Thereafter the reÃ'•ponÃ'•ibility of preparing and maintaining that car during the race weekend lieÃ'• with them. The term team iÃ'• uÃ'•ually applied to an entrant organization. The 1970Ã'• were the laÃ'•t decade Ferrari entered aÃ'• a workÃ'• effort in Ã'•portÃ'• car racing. After an uninÃ'•pired performance in the 1973 F1 World ChampionÃ'•hip, Enzo Ferrari Ã'•topped all development of Ã'•portÃ'• carÃ'• in prototype and GT racing at the end of the year, although, Enzo planned to pull out of F1, that year which waÃ'• the year of the laÃ'•t "official" Targa Florio road race Enzo regarded aÃ'• more important to him.

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