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Coaching Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Coaching - Term Paper Example In simple terms, coaching is training or development that involves an individual (coach) supporting the learner (trainee) in achieving professional objectives. There many types of coaching like business, sports, and philosophy to other. A coaching philosophy is what one values and how he will approach his coaching roles. Coaching philosophy covers ones purpose as a coach and how he will approach player development and winning. Ones coaching philosophy is composed of the primary objectives and at times beliefs and the principles that one adhere to achieve his goals (Program, 2010, p. 45). One’s coaching philosophy will guide him on how to behave as a coach and how to interact with his or her athlete, footballers among other examples. Coaching philosophy has to touch on who one is and who one wants to be in future. In many occasions, it is based on one’s experience, knowledge, opinions, and beliefs. All excellent philosophies irrespective of their length describe and explain the purpose of coaching, the views, and the principle that the coach will use to achieve his goal. (Association A. F., 2012, p. 130) Some of the elements of the coaching philosophies are discussed below. Motivation vs. Inspiration: Inspiration is the shortest- lived character or behavior. In many occasions when a challenge requires a force and application over time, inspiration may help to start us off, but motivation provides the perseverance required. (Barbour, 2011, p. 335) On the other hand, motivation is based on the intrinsic need of people, for example, how vital is the outcome for the performer. As far as the footballer has made up his mind as to the desirability of this result for him then his coach can help him to achieve his goal. When a footballers or athletes depend on the coach for his so called motivation, then the coach will be in trouble. It is because coaches need highly motivated players to work within the field. Plan, prepare

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