Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Organizational Structure of Southwest Airlines Case Study - 3

Organizational Structure of Southwest Airlines - Case Study Example There are six main divisions at SWA, namely customer services, administration, operations, communication, finance, and regulations. The divisions have their own subdivisions where specialists offer distinct services. For example, the four subdivisions of the administration unit are people, procurement, diversity and inclusion, and information. SWA has a very healthy culture where the employees feel respected and their skills’ acknowledged. SWA has faith in the capability and skills of its employees. This can primarily be attributed to the fact that management at SWA has always strived to find just the right people for particular tasks and has been very particular about finding the right people in the selection process (Holstein). The management structure at SWA promotes counseling, coaching, and responsiveness without interference from the managers. This, in turn, drives the employees’ motivation to keep showing the best performance since their positive efforts are recognized. Managers at SWA have developed an environment that enhances the employees’ ability to be efficient and effective in the arena of customer service. The best practices for the company’s functions are mutually established by the managers and the employees. Employees at SWA have been giving the power of decision making so that they require no guidance from the managers to get the jobs done. Employees gain motivation to achieve SWA’s goals from the team based concept. Leadership at SWA is focused at not only keeping the employees aware of the goals of the company and the expectations of the leaders with the staff members but also at developing coordination and harmony among the organizational personnel so that they are able to work in a team setting with minimal interpersonal conflicts. According to Gittell (2003), strategy and coordination, culture, and leadership are the factors of strategy that SWA employs.  

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